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Transforming your health isn't easy. At the Y, you'll find friendly, and relatable Certified Personal Trainers that are ready to support you every step of the way. Personal training is an exclusive member benefit.


One of the most common struggles of getting into the habit of regular exercise is just that- working out and staying consistent. By having someone waiting for you at the gym, you're far less likely to skip your workout.

Fitness Education

To become a certified personal trainer, individuals can't just take a course. They must seek accreditation from organizations like the American Council of Exercise (ACE) or the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), have a high school diploma, be certified in CPR, and be knowledgeable in the use of an AED. With certification and continued education, personal trainers know a lot about human physiology, body mechanics, exercise science, and more. They can help you learn how to use proper form, how to use equipment in the gym, and what exercises will be most effective for you.

Goal Setting

Everyone has their own unique set of fitness goals, like losing weight or running in a race-but setting the right goals that aren't too big and aren't too small can be challenging. With the help of a personal trainer, you can set better, more attainable goals based on your experience and abilities.

Why Personal Training?

Whether you're just starting out, or live in the gym, a personal trainer can help elevate your plan and kick-start you to reaching your personal wellness goals.

Personalized Plan

Everyone is different! Your abilities and exercise knowledge may require a different workout than what you can easily find online. A personal trainer will help you create a personalized workout routine that targets your strengths and weaknesses and better equips you to reach your fitness goals.  You may also have a specific injury or condition that needs to be taken into account when creating a workout plan. Personal trainers are there to help you customize your exercises to make accommodations based on your specific needs.

Exercise Variety

Consistently doing the same exercises can cause weight loss plateaus, injuries, and burnout. Personal trainers can look at what you're already doing and suggest new ways to make your workout more efficient and effective. A personal trainer gives you the confidence and support you need to reach your fitness goals while also providing you accountability, education, and a personalized routine to help you find the ideal routine for you and your lifestyle.

Meet Our Personal Trainers

We feature a variety of highly qualified, caring and skilled personal trainers that work in either our Rome or Oneida Branches! All of our Personal Trainers are Certified and continue their educational requirements to ensure they have the newest information in the field to assist their clients in reaching their goals.
Shirley Toth - Rome Family YMCA
Shirley Toth - Rome Family YMCAACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM Inclusive Fitness Specialist, Certified Level 1 Running Coach, Competed in over 19 Marathons, Qualified and completed 5 Boston Marathons
Steven Buck- Rome Family YMCA
Steven Buck- Rome Family YMCANASM Certified Personal Trainer, Member of OCB (Organization of Competitive Bodybuilding), Competed and placed in various Physique Competitions, Competed in Spartan Race in Killington, VT
Jesse Bowie- Oneida Family YMCA
Jesse Bowie- Oneida Family YMCAISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Conditioning Coach
Justin Measheaw - Oneida Family YMCA
Justin Measheaw - Oneida Family YMCANASM Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Plant-Based Diets Specialization, Virtual Coaching Specialist
Kayla Gridley - Oneida Family YMCA
Kayla Gridley - Oneida Family YMCANASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Virtual Coaching Specialist, NASM Motivational Interviewer, ISSA Acuate Hormonal Response Strength Trainer
Personal Training Rates
Single Session$45.00
Individual One-Hour Personal Training Session
Kick Start Package$135.00
Includes the initial assessment with (3) one-on-one hour sessions plus a re-assessment.
Five Sessions$200.00
Includes the initial assessment with (5) one-on-one sessions plus a re-assessment.
Ten Sessions$380.00
Includes the initial assessment with (10) one-on-one sessions plus a re-assessment.

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